Welcome to the Squash City - One of the best and most modern Squash Clubs in Poland.

The Squash City Club is located in one of the biggest malls in Warsaw - Blue City, a few minutes by car from the city center. Our club has six top-quality, fully air-conditioned courts with safe, flexible floor which minimizes risk of injury.

Beside the courts, the club’s 1,000 sq.m. of area contains also a wide reception area, bar, and perfectly equipped shop with squash equipment.

We also provide professional service of squash equipment including stringing racquets as well.

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Al. Jerozolimskie 200
Hala Mega Meble od strony stacji BP
telefon: 512 377 130
e-mail: recepcja@squashcity.pl


ul. Malborska 51-53
Park Handlowy Targówek
telefon: (22) 331-87-87
email: targowek@squashcity.pl